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Bill Gates aka Kermit roser Apple

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What is The Lab? PÃ¥ din iPhone!

Klik for at se nærmere:

What is The Lab? Yes, The Lab kører fint på din iPhone!

Hent iPhone SDK ved at klikke her (kræver registrering).

iCock mini, iCock & iPlug Ti

Vi ved godt at billederne er fra 2002 og 2004, men de er værd at gense:

iCock mini iCock mini dock iCock iCock fur finish iPlug Ti iPlug Ti close up

[via creative fun]

Den nye iMac kører også Windows Vista

Den nye iMac kører også Windows Vista

[Fake ad: iMacs are “Vista-capable” | The Apple Core | ZDNet.com]

Apple G4 Cube + plante

G4_peaceplant_2 af erlendekseth på flickr.

Det er dejligt at se en Cube, der stadig udfylder en vigtig funktion.

Apple iRack

En lidt overgearet Mad TV Apple iRack og Irak-krigs parodi:

Welcome To The So-So

Welcome To The So-So – video powered by Metacafe

Rumsfeld fyret på den hårde måde


(I Mac OS X har man muligheden for at “force quit” sine programmer hvis de ikke viser tegn pÃ¥ intelligent aktivitet)

[kilde: boingboing.net]

Spiselig MacBook?

Q: I have a MacBook that has some very sensitive information on it. I’m concerned about what would happen if were to be cornered by thieves, ne’er-do-wells, scallawags… you know.
A: Uh… I… guess…
Q: Yeah. Well, so, my question is, should the need ever arise, are there any parts of the Mac that are edible?
A: Edible?
Q: Yeah. In case I have to limit my damage.
A: Well, actually, the entire thing is edible.
Q: Oh. Wow. Really?
A: Sure. The problem really gets down to what wine to pick.
Q: What wine? I’m going to be in a dark alley somewhere surrounded by blackguards and I’m supposed to open a bottle of wine?
A: Dude, you’re eating a Mac. It’s not like you can just crack open a Bud Lite.
Q: I suppose not.
A: Now, which color MacBook did you buy? I recommend a Chardonnay for the white one and maybe a Chianti for the black…

Q: What did you just tell that guy? That the MacBook is edible? That’s insane. No one can digest a MacBook.
A: What? Are you sure? I’m pretty sure I read that on Apple’s support forum.
Q: No. Absolutely absurd.
A: Oh.
Q: Now, iPods, those’ll pass right through you.
A: Well, that I know from first-hand experience. I’ve been eating those suckers like candy.
Q: Me, too! I can’t wait to try that new iPod! Mmm, those look tasty!
A: Like a little after-dinner mint.

Q: Hey, I just ate a pre-release Zune… uhn…
A: Oh, no. You shouldn’t have done that.
Q: I know that now! What am I supposed to do?! I haven’t felt like this since I ate at KFC that time… uhhh… my colon…
A: Do you have any ipecac?
Q: Uh… no.
A: It’s OK, you can make some. You’ll need an old AOL floppy, a copy of Word 6.0 and some cream of tartar…
Q: Uhnnnnnn…

(fundet via Crazy Apple Rumors Site)

Broke Mac Mountain

Klik hvis du tør!

Den er lidt gammel og uaktuel, men jeg fatter ikke at vi ikke har posted den før…

Flere Mac Spoof reklamer

Nu bliver det nørdet…

Performance (vi synes det er den bedste af dem)




Networking (med dværgeporno)