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Venligst indsendt af Labbyisten Snuske 🙂

Vi fejrer 8 års fødselsdag

Uuuhhh 8 år! En fødselsdag i lort.. #roskildesyge
SÃ¥ i Ã¥r har vi peppet flagene lidt op 😉

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Død og pine. Måtte uploade 'flaget' igen. Men flag skal der være :-)

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25 Of The Worst Food Name Fails Ever

Man Goo

Man Goo

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Texts From Mittens: What If Cats Could Text?

Hvis din kat kunne sende SMS.





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Captain Kirk watches Miley Cyrus performance

Ohhh – this is bad ;-/


Kilde [damnyouautocorrect.com]

smelly ass, smeeeellly ass

Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development

We have heard about new ways of developing software by paying consultants and reading Gartner reports. Through this we have been told to value:

Individuals and interactions
over processes and tools

and we have mandatory processes and tools to
control how those individuals (we prefer the term ‘resources’) interact

Working software
over comprehensive documentation

as long as that software is comprehensively

Customer collaboration
over contract negotiation

within the boundaries of strict contracts, of
course, and subject to rigorous change control

Responding to change
over following a plan

provided a detailed plan is in place to
respond to the change, and it is followed precisely

That is, while the items on the left sound nice in theory, we’re an enterprise company, and there’s no way we’re letting go of the items on the right.

Cobbled together one Saturday morning before breakfast by Kerry Buckley
(@kerryb), following an article
by Ron Jeffries and this suggestion from Eastmad.

Fra www.halfarsedagilemanifesto.org.

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