Spiselig MacBook?

Q: I have a MacBook that has some very sensitive information on it. I’m concerned about what would happen if were to be cornered by thieves, ne’er-do-wells, scallawags… you know.
A: Uh… I… guess…
Q: Yeah. Well, so, my question is, should the need ever arise, are there any parts of the Mac that are edible?
A: Edible?
Q: Yeah. In case I have to limit my damage.
A: Well, actually, the entire thing is edible.
Q: Oh. Wow. Really?
A: Sure. The problem really gets down to what wine to pick.
Q: What wine? I’m going to be in a dark alley somewhere surrounded by blackguards and I’m supposed to open a bottle of wine?
A: Dude, you’re eating a Mac. It’s not like you can just crack open a Bud Lite.
Q: I suppose not.
A: Now, which color MacBook did you buy? I recommend a Chardonnay for the white one and maybe a Chianti for the black…

Q: What did you just tell that guy? That the MacBook is edible? That’s insane. No one can digest a MacBook.
A: What? Are you sure? I’m pretty sure I read that on Apple’s support forum.
Q: No. Absolutely absurd.
A: Oh.
Q: Now, iPods, those’ll pass right through you.
A: Well, that I know from first-hand experience. I’ve been eating those suckers like candy.
Q: Me, too! I can’t wait to try that new iPod! Mmm, those look tasty!
A: Like a little after-dinner mint.

Q: Hey, I just ate a pre-release Zune… uhn…
A: Oh, no. You shouldn’t have done that.
Q: I know that now! What am I supposed to do?! I haven’t felt like this since I ate at KFC that time… uhhh… my colon…
A: Do you have any ipecac?
Q: Uh… no.
A: It’s OK, you can make some. You’ll need an old AOL floppy, a copy of Word 6.0 and some cream of tartar…
Q: Uhnnnnnn…

(fundet via Crazy Apple Rumors Site)

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