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Bimmer Transformer

[via Bored Panda]

Hot Wheels road trip med hop, loops & under vandet

Uptown Funk as a mashup of 66 classic movies

Gin&tonic; 2005 vs 2015

Unicorn poop


En af kommentarerne på YouTube lyder meget rammende: “That’s it. You’ve ruined the internet for me. There is literally nothing left to watch because this is the best thing. After I click “Post” I will be turning off my computer and throwing it out of the window………right after I order my Squatty Potty…of course.”

Vi siger tak til labbyisten Elg for videoklippet.

Vildere ned af bakke

Zak Maytum drøner ned af bakke på sit skateboard med op til 110 km/t!

Put Nutella on everything!!!

Riverdancing i hoppegynger

Kramer kommer ind af døren

Tilmed i kronologisk orden…

Please remember to remove cat before take-off

Breaking Sponge

Tautologier fra The Wire

It is what it is…

Hyperactive listening

Fantasifuld mixed-reality

Footloose Warehouse Dance with Realistic Audio (No Music)

Kevin Bacon delivers one of the most memorable dance scenes in movie history in the classic film Footloose. I wonder how epic that scene would be without any music… Let’s find out.